Our youth workouts are intended to develop strength, agility, speed, power, and endurance so our athletes are able to transfer their training into competitive sports and lifestyle/recreational activities. Workouts are for ages 8-17.

Programming focuses on starting everyone with basic foundational movements working up to advanced skill and strength-work.


The goal of our programming is to:
• Enhance athletic performance
• Promote safety and consistency in good mechanics and technique. Intensity and load are only increased when athletes have         demonstrated they can perform the movement with good technique.
• Prevent injuries by teaching proper movement to apply in gym training and outside of the gym.
• Provide a wide-range of movement patterns and skills.

No specialization Workouts are structured to be in a group-setting lasting for about one hour, all activities are led and monitored by our coaching staff.

Youth can expect a session to include:
• Guided stretching and warm-up activities
• Skill-work of the day
• Main workout for the day
• Cool-down


Workouts are modified for each athlete’s level and skill so everyone is able to participate. We make getting fit FUN - there is no boring in our gym. Our youth athletes look forward to their gym time and walk in with excitement! We greet each athlete on an individual basis so we get to know each person and have an awareness of what is going on in their day. It is our hope that each athlete that trains in our gym will build confidence, self-esteem and a love for fitness that they can apply to a competitive sport, recreational club sport, or a lifetime sport. Fit, Active & Healthy Kids!

In 2017, The Malnourie GymRage became a Brand X Method Training Center, founded by Jeff and Mikki Martin. The Brand X Method: “Expanding the most forward-looking youth fitness program in the industry based on 12 years of experience working with kids and teens in strength and conditioning is our passion. We focus on developmentally appropriate movement training for enduring fitness and physical competence rather than chasing after and celebrating short-term gains.” Read more about The Brand X Method here: http://thebrandxmethod.com/

Contact us to sign-up. If you’re interested in learning more or visiting our gym before you make a decision, we are more than happy to set up a time to meet with you!